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G-Spot and Female Reproduction Health

December 6, 2010

Based on the definition of the Ministry of Health, it is known that reproductive health is a state of overall health and reproductive processes. Thus, reproductive health is not only free of disease conditions, but rather how someone can have a safe sex life and satisfy either before marriage or after marriage.
Female Reproductive Anatomy

Reproductive Anatomy WanitaAlat own reproduction is part of our body continue to function in offspring. Female reproductive organs are different from male reproductive organs. In this article we will discuss more specifically the female reproductive organs.

Female reproductive organs consist of two parts, namely the inner and outer. The inside has a function as follows:

* Lips genitals (labia majora), the area of a distinguished-haired, serves as a protector and keep the inside remains moist.
* Lips in the genitals (labia minora), the area is hairless and has an extensive network of sensory fibers are very sensitive because it contains nerve endings.
* Vagina, namely cavity liaison between female reproductive organs inside and out.

Meanwhile, external female reproductive organs have the following functions:

* Vagina exterior, which is the outlet for menstrual blood and a way out when the baby is born (the baby is very flexible so that it can come out through the vagina).
* The cervix (the cervix), which is the liaison between the vagina and uterus.
* Rahim (uterus), where the fertilized egg cell grows in the uterus during pregnancy. When the egg is not fertilized, the eggs attached to the uterine wall. Furthermore, the uterine lining to thicken and then whole and flow out in the form of blood. This is called menstruation (menstruation).
* Channel eggs (fallopian tubes), the two channels which are located next to kanana and left uterine cavity that serves as a liaison uterus and ovary.
* Two ovaries (ovaries), serves to produce eggs and hormones estrogen and progesterone peremputan ie. Above the influence of hormones, as many as one to two eggs cooked every month, then released into the uterine wall. This will thicken the uterine wall, which is actually useful as a place to nest after a fertilized egg cell.

Well … if the signs of female reproductive maturity? Female reproductive maturity is marked by the occurrence of first menstruation, which is called menarche. Usually we refer to such a teenager she was legally baligh, which began around the age of 8-12 years. If a woman has experienced menarche, it means that his body was producing eggs to be fertilized by sperm produced by the male body, and can result in pregnancy.

G-Spot and Female Reproduction Health

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