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Dental and Oral Health Care

December 7, 2010

A healthy tooth is a tooth that is neat, clean, luminous, and is supported by the gums firm and pink. In normal conditions, the healthy teeth and mouth that it does not smell bad smell.

This condition can only be achieved with proper care. However, because of various factors (eg dental costs are relatively more expensive than general practitioners), dental health is often not a priority. We’re just going to the dentist if your teeth condition is severe and unbearable pain.


In fact, the teeth are already in a state of severe infection can affect health in general. In addition, untreated teeth also cause breath is not fresh which can ultimately inhibit the association. That’s why, as a teenager (let alone being approached idol of the heart), we must know the ins and outs of oral and dental care.

The mouth is a very ideal place for bacterial growth. If not cleaned properly, food scraps that stuck with the bacteria will remain attached to our teeth and will multiply and form colonies called plaque, the thin film layer, sticky, and colorless. Plaque is an ideal place for bacterial growth that can produce acid. If not removed by brushing the teeth, the acid will eventually destroy the tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.

In addition, this plaque also affect the health of the tooth supporting tissue such as gums and supporting bone. This is caused by bacteria that attach to the plaque on the tooth surface and above the gum line. The germs in plaque produce toxins that stimulate the gums causing gingivitis and bleeding gums become easy.

Dental and Oral Health Care

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