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Dental Health underestimate Trigger Diabetes

December 7, 2010

eethJangan not ever underestimate the toothache. For if left unchecked, serious tooth decay can lead to other diseases. Diabetes or diabetes is one of the many diseases that can be present due to toothache abandoned.

Well known that diabetics have an average of dental health problems. This was reinforced by research studies in the United States (U.S.), which states patients with chronic tooth decay could be people with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and dental experts in the United Kingdom agreed that although the results of research need to research deeper.

In severe tooth decay, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and disrupt the immune system. Immune system cells release a protein that is damaged, called cytokines. These cytokines cause damage to pancreatic cells producing insulin, a hormone that triggers diabetes.

U.S. researchers announced the discovery of this symposium at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in Maryland. Dr. Anthony Iacopino, dental specialist at Marquette University School of Density, Wisconsin said that in the pancreas, the cells responsible for producing insulin are destroyed by high content of cytokines. If this happens just once, then someone likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, although the man previously in good health.

According to Iacopino, the high content of cholesterol from the body needs glucose is the main factor triggering the risk of diabetes for people who experience tooth decay. And to help lower cholesterol for healthy people not infected tooth interference problems that can trigger diabetes.

For that reason, diabetics should follow a low calorie diet, diligently taking the drug regulator of insulin and maintain dental health. And it would be nice if healthy people also maintain healthy teeth are not at risk for developing diabetes.

Gingivitis is the type of dental disease is the lightest, are caused by bacteria in plaque. This disease can be cured, but if neglected without further treatment can be developed into a severe dental disease as well. Plaque attached to the cavity between the gum and tooth defects can cause infection and serious cases. Even at a certain stage, the teeth should be revoked.

Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to regulate the glucose content. That is, blood pressure can be very high. Treatment with insulin can help the body control the amount of glucose in the bloodstream.
In type 2 diabetes, insulin produced very little that is not enough in number for the purposes of the human body. Usually this is very influential in people aged over 40 years. To fix needed regularly and eating a diet pill or regular injections.

A spokesman for the British Dental Association (BDA) said that everything that happens in the human body can always be associated with dental disorder. So it is quite possible that diabetes is only one health problem that has to do with dental disease. He also advises everyone to get used twice daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist regularly.

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Dental Health underestimate Trigger Diabetes

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