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Headaches, Do not Take Any Medication

December 7, 2010

Pain medication belonging useful analgesic-antipyretic to relieve pain and fever reliever at the same time. If taken easy fried beans, kidney, liver, and blood can be damaged.

Analgesic-antipyretic drug there are several types, writes Dr. Handrawan Nadesul in an article. According to him, other than for pain and fever, the kind that are categorized as drugs can relieve arthritic pain in addition to overcoming inflammation of the joints as well.

Analgesic-antipyretic drug sorted according to strength and antidemamnya antinyeri. There is a stronger type of pain relief, there are also more powerful kinds relieve fever. Types of drugs selected according to the needs of the case.

If collected, side effects, poisoning, overdose, or due to long usage, analgesic-antipyretic drugs commonly interfere with digestion. Ulcer patients need to be careful eating this type of drug.

In addition to risk causing stomach and intestinal bleeding, analgetic-antipyretic damage the kidneys, liver, and blood. Hearing can be decreased, dizziness complaints (vertigo), and probably felt ears (tinnitus). In addition, white blood cells can be reduced, or easy bleeding teiradi in any organ due to blood clotting substances menurutmya.

As a result of routine headache medication may suddenly arise even high fever for no apparent reason. It could also arise from depression, seizures, or behavioral changes. If you overdose, respiration will be depressed, and possibly fatal.

There are also types of headache medicine that eat blood. Hemoglobin, the major substance in red blood cells, can participate also disrupted. In addition, red blood cells easily destroyed, so that hooked headache medication can be less blood (haemolytic anemia).

These drugs there is also damage the kidneys. If most, over time could end up failing kidneys. In addition, there is also the type that have the nature of the originator of kidney cancer, and bladder.

Analgesic-antipyretic drugs classified most often cause allergies. Allergic talented can not stand against some types or all types of drugs in this group. Once a drink or injected, directly appear in the form of skin allergy biduran (chilblains).

If severe, it may be accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and can be up to shock attacks. Headache, and all other pain complaints, it’s really just a symptom of a disease. Quite a lot of diseases with symptoms of headache. Errors often occur because the pain is often treated, and not a disease that causes the pain.

We know headache can come from everywhere, body parts, including the soul as well. People who have to wear reading glasses, but ignorant, often complained of head pain continued during his eyes not corrected visual acuity disturbance. Beware this complaint often comes at the age of starting over 40.

All that had passed the age of 40 need reading glasses. This is often not realized. When the distance had to be read further than sepenggaris, meaning the eye should be corrected with reading glasses. If you still read without the aid of reading glasses, eyes will be tired, and headache appear. With increasing age, every 2-3 years plus lens reading glasses need plusnya.

Fault, on the complaint of headache for old eyes (presbyopia), which treated only the pain of his head, not his eyes. Once the drug is not drinking, his head throbbing pain in head pain again. Moreover, after much reading, long in front of the monitor, or watch television.

Headache can also come from the tooth, sinus inflammation, disorders of the nasal cavity (nasal septum deviation), or gastric disease. During his illness is not treated, pain complaints are likely to emerge and hold his head.

Drinking does not solve the headache medication masalah.Jika not a disease that resolved, instead it was a cause new problems. Patients have to bear the side effects, toxicity, or drug overdose headache.

Most victims of gout patients due to pain medication. We know that not all gout can be cured. Patients with gout continue to be dependent on drugs encoknya. Though not all arthritis drugs, including traditional medicine (China), safe to use for a long time.

The case of anemia, white blood disorder (agranulocytosis), and other blood cell disorders commonly suffered by patients with gout who choose the wrong drug.

Some types of arthritis drugs illegally withdrawn from the market for this because not safe for the body. Why? Because besides containing analgesics (the kind you might already banned), not a few gout illegal drugs, either capsules or herbal medicine, which is found to add a corticosteroid class of drugs (hormones), which although efficacious, but should not be used for a long time.

A troubled soul, the mind is tense, emotion ridden, could emerge as a chief complaint of pain as well. Surely that must be treated his soul, not the tension headache.

Headaches, Do not Take Any Medication

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