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Keeping Health Agency

December 13, 2010

Best Answer – Chosen by Majority Vote

1. Rest / Sleep
The time required for normal humans to sleep less than 8 hours a day or third day. Sleep time will increase with age, in which infants, children and elderly people need more sleep than adults and young children. Enough sleep can iKeeping Health Agencyncrease endurance and energy in the body, so as to avoid us from harmful disease attack.

2. Food
Eat nutritious foods on a regular basis, not excessive and no less. Excess food can increase blood sugar levels which ultimately lead to diabetes which is very dangerous. Lack of food also can lead to malnutrition, low blood, lethargy, and so forth. Note also the nutrient content based on a reasonable dose, because too much of a substance is not good for health.

3. Condition Psychic / Psychology
Do not get too stressed with various things in your life. Why should hard, we better have fun. If your work makes you stressed and dizzy constantly then you should start looking for business opportunities or other work that does not make you a lot of stress. If you have a problem a good idea to talk with others who are close to you. Psychic burden and the mind can affect the immune system whose effects can invite diseases physical and spiritual. Any problem there must be a way out. Take your time to something nice for yourself and do not ever run into booze and drugs.

4. Endurance Body
Increase your stamina by consuming a variety of natural food or drink that can ward off germs and disease attack. Familiarize yourself with traditional herbs or frequent drinking of strong tea every day to remind bitter anti-oxidant substances in the body to eliminate free radicals from natural substances that harm our health around.

5. Financial Economics
Having a sufficient income for daily use and savings for the future that halal will make your life quietly and unseen. If you are still struggling with basic needs then change it your mindset. Working closely with the wife, husband or your friends to pioneering a business that has the opportunity and good prospects, who knows can be successful and make you free from financial problems. Do not live lavishly, and start a simple life even if your income is large.

6. Social
Live in harmony with your neighbor that the environment around you. Expand friends and relatives and stay away from hostility and all properties and a bad attitude on others. The term is still lacking a thousand friends, one enemy kebanyakan.sudah most. Having good relationships with neighbors and relatives are very profitable for you, because they can help you anytime you need it. Selection of friends is also very important. Pick a good friend who can help you and will not be misleading or detrimental to you. Reciprocity was also important, where you have to provide assistance to others who need help. Social life is good and healthy can make you relax and may reduce the risk of psychiatric disorders either mild maupu heavy.

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