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Activity Movement Infant In Gynecology

December 15, 2010

When do pregnant women feel the baby movement?

For the first pregnancy, a pregnant woman new possibilities will be able to feel the baby move around 18-20 weeks gestation. For the second pregnancy or more, then the movement can be felt first baby early, around 15-18 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant women usually will begin merasakah baby move in her womb more clearly after the second trimester of pregnancy in which the kick will be more clear, strong and regular.

Do not think the baby will always keep moving, bayipun like us they need to take several hours to berisitrahat, and sleep. Before the move again. Therefore, as a pregnant woman, you will soon be able to learn and will recognize the pattern or sleep-wake patterns of infants in kandunganya.

Why does my baby’s movement is different to the experience of other friends?

When the mother tried to compare the perceived kick with the other pregnant women, remember to do not worry, if you have a different experience with your friends another.

Because every baby has a form of activity each, and none of the exact amount or value of the most correct.

The most important thing you should know that during practice the level of activity in the womb your baby has not changed down too much, then your baby is in good condition.

Was Movements Baby Will Start In Gynecology Reduced enlarge during pregnancy?

Ranging from 36-40 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will be getting bigger and filling almost the entire space of the uterus, usually turning movement began to decline, the movement will you feel when this is more a kick or punch from the arm or leg. maybe even a kick in the bottom of the rib. :-). (Depending on the position of the baby)

Usually 2 weeks of the end of pregnancy, the baby’s movement will decrease. Do not be worried the most important thing you do is assess your baby’s movements. In the USA it is becoming a routine doctor recommended after 28 weeks of pregnancy, that a pregnant woman should assess the movement (kick) baby (Kick Chart).

How many kicks that should be felt a day?

When you are in your occupation may be less aware of the movement created by your baby. You will be more likely to feel your baby move when you sit down and relaxed / relaxed.

Remember that every baby has its activity up – sleep each, the most important thing to recognize your baby’s movement patterns.

It is recommended that:

When a pregnant woman can already feel the fetus move regularly, and usually a pregnant woman will already know or realize when your baby usually tend to be more active.

Uptake time (should take the same time each day) to calculate your baby’s movement, when the baby tends to move more actively, uptake in a relaxed position sitting or lying down while listening to music and start to count your baby’s movements. And if in 2 hours you do not feel 10 movements, consult with your doctor.

Activity Movement Infant In Gynecology

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